The OpenBase, depicted in the following image, is an interface board for the OpenMote-CC2538. The OpenMote-CC2538 is connected to the OpenBase using the XBee header and has a probe to measure the current consumed by the OpenMote-CC2538 in its various states.

The OpenBase serves three different purposes. First, it enables to program and debug code with full breakpoint support using a probe with a standard ARM JTAG connector (10-pin), e.g., the Segger J-Link debug probe. Second, it enables to communicate it with a computer through Serial or USB in order to program it and debug. The Serial port, which is interfaced through an FTDI FT232R chip, enables both programming through the BSL and debugging using printf. The USB port, which is natively supported by the Texas Instruments CC2538, only allows debugging using printf. Third, it enables to communicate it with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet network, enabling to interface the OpenMote-CC2538 to the Internet without the need of a computer. The Ethernet connection is based on theMicrochip ENC28J60 chip and a standard RJ-45 connector that includes both the magnetics and the circuit protection.

Here you can download the OpenBase Schematic.