IoT Tutorial by Matthias Kovatsch

September 24, 2014
  • IoT Tutorial by Matthias Kovatsch

    Yesterday there was an online event about the technology enabling the Internet of Things. The event, which as organized by the Eclipse Foundation, was in the form of a video tutorial presented by Matthias Kovastsch, researcher at ETH Zurich and author of Copper, Erbium, Californium, Scandium and Actinium. The tutorial, named "Connecting Sensor Networks", presented a holistic overview of the Internet of Things technologies, from the physical layer (IEEE 802.15.4e) to the application (IETF CoAP) layers, and also presenting the open source hardware and software tools that are currently available to implement it. Of course, the OpenMote platform was there together with the Contiki operating system. Notice, however, that there are other open source software implementations of IoT standards, for example OpenWSN. If you missed the event, you can watch the video and the slide deck again here. We hope you enjoy it!


    by: OpenMote Team

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